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There has been warnings about getting tattooed/ pierced two weeks either side of getting the Covid 19 vaccination. With any trauma to the skin, your immune system is involved with healing. It also takes a hit when you receive a vaccine. 

We don't want anyone having an adverse reaction, so if you are booked to have or have already received the jab, then please contact us with plenty of notice to reschedule because of this.

Thank you.


Since starting my piercing career way back in 2010, I have developed a style that is very much focused around my customers. Using their unique anatomy, I like to style all of my clients differently by crafting a unique project for each and every individual. From a personal perspective, I’ve been influenced by far more piercers than I could even begin to name but the A.P.P. (Association of Professional Piercers) and UK.A.P.P. organisations have really shaped me as a piercer. The conferences they arrange have proven invaluable and continue to provide a great source of knowledge; allowing me to continue learning, meet other incredible piercers from around the world as well as now teaching and offering my own educational programming for piercers. 

Olly Todd Piercing Website Strip Backrou
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